'Mercy' 'Quelqu'un m'a dit'

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This fanlisting was adopted in February 2009 from Mary, who opened it on June 15, 2008 under the name "Syrup & Sorrow." The fanlisting reopened by me on February 13, 2009, under the new name "Under Her Spell"; it moved to its current location on June 23, 2009. It is approved by the Fanlistings Network and is part of Intensité and the Love collective.


This fanlisting is in no way affiliated with Duffy, Mercury Records, Polydor Records, A&M Records, or any other individual or entity. The owner of this listing has no way of getting in touch with Ms. Duffy, nor has this listing been approved by her, her label, or her management. Any questions about this can be directed to the owner.


The layout for this fanlisting was inspired, in part, by the Cruiser layout made by DreamLogic for OSWD. The CSS was significantly altered using Microsoft Notepad. The fonts used are Arial, Lucida Grande, Vrinda, Monotype Corsiva, and 04b24. The title "Under Her Spell" is inspired by a line from the song "Mercy."


The main background image is from a promotional picture made available by Duffy's management and was edited using Corel Paint Shop Pro XI. It is not intended to infringe on copyright in any way; if there are any concerns about this, please contact me for immediate resolution. The buttons for linking back to the listing were made by Mary, the previous owner.