Why Go Organic?

Save the soil.
Our environment is being attacked by chemicals used in non-organic agricultural production. The average depth of top soil in the United States was 12" deep at the turn of the 20th Century; it is now down to 1". Other Western countries have fared no better.
Reduce water-carried pollution.
The chemicals used in agricultural production have a huge impact beyond the farm. These chemicals enter our water system and are carried across the globe, depleting the earth and slowly poisoning our water resources as they travel. Pesticide and fertilizer drift is creating dead zones in major bodies of water which would otherwise be okay.
Prevent birth defects and childhood disease.
Studies show that mothers who consume non-organic foods can pass on the chemicals in those foods, causing damage to the delicate bodies of their children. Pesticides and hormones have been shown to cause behavioral and neurological problems in infants and children. In fact, these same chemicals can cause infertility or do damage in utero.
Make your tastebuds happy.
Organic foods retain their natural tastes and textures better than modified foods, giving us sweeter fruits, crisper vegetables, and grains rich in nutrients. Organic foods are typically not preserved for months at a time, meaning they are fresher on your plate than the frozen or preservative-choked foods you normally find in the grocery store.
Help your body.
Modified foods have more nitrates and fewer antioxidants than organic foods, meaning they are full of more negative chemicals but don't help your body get rid of them. Organic foods, on the other hand, have the exact opposite composition, meaning they give you lots of the good and little of the bad.
Assist struggling farmers.
With most produce now being grown, modified, and distributed by giant corporations with questionable business and agricultural practices, the small farmers are being severely hurt. The majority of organic foods, however, are grown by smaller cooperatives and farming operations. Since much of the organic community is regionalized, you are also able to support more local farmers by buying organic.
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