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When I first started creating fanlistings in 2007, I never really thought that I would get involved enough to host many of them. However, in the back of my mind, I always imagined what it would be like to run the Bahamas fanlisting, since it's one of the most important fanlisting subjects to me. When I put together my first "wish list," the Bahamas was right at the top and remained my biggest dream.

Why was it such a dream? Very simply, I am a Bahamian – or, more specifically, a Bahamian-American. My mother is an immigrant to the United States from the Bahamas, and all of my maternal family still lives there, as they have since the turn of the 1600s. I spent portions of my childhood there, two of my siblings were born there, and grew up in an American household dominated by Bahamian culture.

I never, ever thought for a moment that I would actually have the opportunity to host the fanlisting. However, when the original listing (owned by someone else, naturally) went up on Troubles in spring of 2009, I started wondering if it might be possible. I started catching myself checking the Places category updates a bit too hopefully, wondering if I might get my chance to apply.

When it finally did get removed from the network in June 2009, opening up the opportunity for others to apply for it, I leapt at the chance. On one hand, I truly did feel bad that the listing had been removed from its previous ownership, but at the same time, I knew what a good home I could give it. I had felt very strong about my chances for being approved, but still was so surprised and warmed by the approval. I will always be grateful to Bee for making my biggest fanlisting wish come true!