Perfect Paradise: Site: Design Credits

The fanlisting section of Perfect Paradise was approved by The Fanlistings Network, the largest fansite collective on the Internet, on June 11, 2009. A previous version of the fanlisting, "Island Breeze," had been owned and maintained by Cecilia since February 29, 2004. When I reopened the fanlisting, I carried over 80 members who were already listed; 16 couldn't be moved because they had incomplete information displayed or had pending membership only.

The general design is based off an open-source creation originally made by EDG3. I took their general concept and the white border element from their header image, and then changed the layout quite a bit to make it better suited for my needs, especially as a fanlisting. The blue, yellow, and black colors were selected for the same reason they were selected for the Bahamian flag: To represent the sea, the land, and the people.

The images used for the gallery come from Wikipedia and the national, government-run tourism websites. Since the works are made available for public use and are therefore owned by the public that paid for their acquisition, the images of them are shared under the assumption of fair use. No copyright infringement is intended in any way. If there are any questions regarding copyright or the usage of any of the images, please e-mail me for immediate resolution.

The text fonts used in the header image are A Yummy Apology (script) and Frutiger Linotype (block); the shell dingbats are GE Nautica and SC By the Sea. The fonts used within the layout are all standard fonts such as Arial and Tahoma. Programs used in the creation of the website were Corel Paint Shop Pro XI and Microsoft Notepad.

The website is best viewed in Firefox, but it has been tested for cross-browser compatibility. It was designed using Microsoft Windows XP and is graciously hosted by Kya, as are all other projects.