Perfect Paradise: People: Basic Info

Long known for its diversity, people in the Bahamas have their roots in West Africa, England, Haiti, Greece, France, Germany, Australia, China, Guyana, Canada, and countless other areas of the world.

A small nation, the Bahamas is home to approximately 315,000 people, virtually all of whom were born there. The population is about 85% of African descent, 12% of European descent, and 3% of other descent. These figures can be misleading, however, since they measure "dominant" heritage and don't account for the countless mixed heritages in the nation, which by some estimates account for more than half of the population.

Although the Bahamas is considered a third-world nation, its people enjoy a relatively high quality of life, with a per capita income of $27,394 USD, placing them in the top 40 of all nations. About two-thirds of the population lives in the capital city, Nassau, while another sixth lives in the next largest city, Freeport on Grand Bahama Island. The life expectancy in the Bahamas is 65.6 years.

About 95% of Bahamians are literate, and many speak Haitian, Spanish, or another foreign language. In addition, the majority of Bahamians can also speak Bahamian Creole (or Dialect) in addition to Bahamian Standard English, though its usage in the urban areas is typically reserved for private life. (More information on language in the Bahamas can be found here.)