Website History

My first two years of college were very difficult ones – not because I wasn't enjoying them, but because I was enjoying everything so much that I couldn't quite find one subject that I wanted to study exclusively. I shuffled back and forth between academic majors, always looking for the perfect fit, but was never quite satisfied. I wanted to study everything – history, the arts, literature, politics, geography, anthropology, and everything else in between. And then I hit on American Studies, and it was a perfect match. I was amazed by how much I learned about countries other than America through it, and how well-rounded it left me feeling intellectually. I was in love, and still am – with American Studies.

I applied to run the TFL-approved fanlisting for American Studies on May 31, 2009 and was approved to do on June 5, 2009. The website and fanlisting were completed on July 3, 2009 and has been open for business ever since.