• Whole Foods CEO John Mackey was a 27-year-old college drop-out when he opened the first store with his 23-year-old girlfriend, Rene Lawson
  • The original Whole Foods Market in Austin had a staff of 19; the company now employs more than 42,000 people worldwide
  • In 2007, Whole Foods Market had revenue of $6.6 billion (USD)
  • Each geographic region of Whole Foods has a "forager," who is responsible for finding good local produce and items to sell in-store
  • Whole Foods went public in 1992 and entered the Fortune 500 in 2005
  • CEO John Mackey earns a salary of $1 (USD) a year in order to ensure more funds and better pay for employees
  • The Whole Trade Guarantee, a fair-trade initiative by the company, focuses on fair prices for crops, environmentally-sound practices, and better wages and labor conditions for workers
  • The company's Whole Planet Foundation is actively involved in many causes, including supporting micro-loan programs in developing countries
  • Some of the items on the legendary "Unacceptable Ingredients for Food" list include bleached flour, aspartame, nitrates, monosodium glutamate (MSG), saccharin, and artificial food dyes
  • Unacceptable body care ingredients include aerosol sprays, emu oil, talc, tallow, and salicylic acid
  • Whole Foods Market runs its own popular YouTube channel (WholeFoodsMarket), which features videos profiling food producers, sharing cooking tips, addressing social issues, and more
  • Whole Foods operates a gluten-free baking facility near Raleigh, North Carolina, which supplies nearly all of the company's North American stores with gluten-free baked goods
  • Whole Foods has been awarded Green Power awards by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency four years in a row for efforts its renewable energy efforts
  • Most Whole Foods locations offer free cooking classes for specialty foods and special diets
  • Whole Foods is one of the few remaining American grocers that regularly provides samples of most types of items to its customers, including in-store and at community events

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