A fanlisting is exactly what it sounds like: a collective of people from across the world who share an interest in a similar subject. By joining a fanlisting, you are adding your name to a worldwide registry of people with a shared interest. Anyone who is a fan of Sen. Ted Kennedy and meets the basic requirements is encouraged to join. You can learn more about fanlistings by visiting TFL 101.


Joining The Last Lion, the Sen. Ted Kennedy fanlisting, is quite simple. There are only three rules:
1) You must submit your name (no silly nicknames, please), e-mail address, and country.
2) Websites will be listed only if a link, text or image, is displayed.
3) Websites with illegal content will not be listed.

Text Links

To display a text link, copy and paste the following into whichever page of your website is most appropriate:

<a href="http://love.margin-notes.org/kennedy/" target="_top">Fan of Sen. Edward (Ted) M. Kennedy</a>

Image Links

If you would rather link back with an image, please feel free to use one of the following. You must save the image and upload it to your own server; direct-linking is not allowed. Be sure to direct the image link back to http://love.margin-notes.org/kennedy/ and have it open outside of frames. Contributions are accepted and credited.






To join the Sen. Ted Kennedy fanlisting, fill out the form here. Current members needing to update their information can do so here; password reminders can be requested here.


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